We currently have in excess of 120 England Netball qualified umpires affiliated to the clubs in the League, umpiring across 6 divisions. Our umpiring expertise ranges from the most experienced level A Award to those just embarking on their umpiring careers at Beginner level.

We have England Netball qualified tutors, testers, mentors and assessors within the League and our aim is to provide a centre of excellence with regards to the development of umpires. This will ensure that our umpires perform in accordance with the relevant umpiring standards as defined by England Netball.

Umpiring Secretary and Subcommittee

Umpiring within the League is managed by Fran Smith, supported by a Sub-committee – Vanessa Girvan, Jackie Stigwood, Julie Bassett, Angela Beattie, Rachael Stocker, Lucy Tuttle and Jeanette Johnson.

Umpiring Code of Conduct

England Netball has Codes of Conduct across the sport which is driven by its’ core values of leadership, integrity, teamwork and excellence.

Download the EN Umpiring Code of Conduct.

The Bedford & District Netball League provides an Umpiring Handbook with guidance on Health and Safety, Code of Conduct and specific rules of the B&DNL.


For up to date details on umpiring courses in the Bedford area, please click on the courses tab. Beginner Award courses are run by the league, C Award courses are organised by the county and B Award and above by Netball East. Please click here to go to the Netball East website. We always need more umpires, so if you want to give it a go, then you are more than welcome to attend one of our beginner courses.


If anyone wishes to progress their umpiring or just want some advice then please do not hesitate to contact the Umpiring Secretary, Fran Smith. email: or one of the sub-committee (contact details are in the League Handbook).


Level of Award to Umpire Games
In order to umpire in the B&DNL you must have successfully passed the England Netball Beginner Award, or from September 1st known as Into Officiating Award. To umpire Premier and First Division matches, you must have obtained England Netball ‘C’ Award or above.

Widening Umpiring Experience

It is suggested that umpires do not umpire for the same team on a regular basis. Although undertaken with good intentions, it does not benefit the team or the umpire’s development, as both need a wider range of experience. This also guards against any accusation from the opposition of over familiarity between the team and umpire.

With this in mind an umpire may not umpire more than 12 matches for the same team in any one season (excluding Summer League).

Working Together

Remember you and your fellow umpire are a team, working together. Meet before the game starts, during the breaks to discuss aspects of the play which may need attention, court conditions etc. and after the game to complete the cards. Support each other and discuss rule interpretation, stay with each other during the breaks, do not stand with the teams. You are an official of the game and therefore you must be, and be seen to be impartial.


A Jill Harrison St Neots Sapphires Email
A Bern Palmer Accord Eagles Email
B Cathie Carter Cranfield Comets Email
B Nicky Double Gamlingay Storm Email
B Katie Johnson Ampthill Amazons Email
B Julie Bassett-Gilham Westoning Gems Email
B Jackie Stigwood Morestaff Email
C Angela Beattie UHY Hacker young Email
C Keely Blair Team Beds Email
C Jadine Brome BCNC 1st Choice Email
C Vicky buckland Caldecote Coyotes Email
C Karen Burton Gamlingay Storm Email
C Phyllis Charles A-Line Flyers Email
C Laura Cooper Grangers Blaze Email
C Tim Fairweather Henlow Hotshots Email
C Ness Girvan BCNC Jewels Email
C Tracey Grahame Morestaff Email
C Ali Harrison Oakley Diamonds Email
C Maddy Harwood Gamlingay Email
C Emily Hassard A-Line Flyers Email
C Ali Horan Westoning Diamonds Email
C Mary Hull Shefford NC Email
C Jeanette Johnson Riverwood Blackjacks Email
C Kat Kouwenberg CIS Fire Email
C Joy Langhorn UHY Hacker Young Email
C Alison Lauder CIS Spirit Email
C Sheran lobley Hillsons Email
C Emma Mellett A-Line Flyers Email
C Beth Noble BCNC 1st Choice Email
C Heather Pollard Kestrels Email
C Vicky Norman Ampthill Quip Email
C Janet O’Brien Kestrels Email
C Sophie Randall Team Beds Email
C Georgia Richardson Rogues Email
C Fran Smith BCNC Emeralds Email
C Mel Strachan Ampthill Aztecs Email
C Naomi Swales Caldecote Coyotes Email
C Fran Wade Accord Eagles Email
C Julie Wilkonson Accord Phoenix Email
IO Tracey Barringer Wixam Wasps Email
IO Sophie Beckett Cranfield Gems Email
IO Lucy Bradley Grangers Email
IO Kellise Bruney Grangers Email
IO Abby Dodd Chiltern Flames Email
IO Sophie Felsted Gamlingay Panthers Email
IO Andrea Hopkin Shefford NC Email
IO Lisa Ingham Grangers PPR Ladies Email
IO Amy Johnson BCNC Onyx Email
IO Lauren Jolly Cranfield Ravens Email
IO Gemma Lingard Gamlingay Tigers Email
IO Heather Kennedy Lidlington Oaks Email
IO Kelly Knibbs Gamlingay Jets Email
IO Mel Lambert Absolute Email
IO Mandy Mistlin Colworth Cats Email
IO Katy Nash Luton Tornadoes Email
IO Imogen Nurse BCNC Emeralds Email
IO Chloe Patton Colworth Cats Email
IO Emily Priory Storm Email
IO Georgina Sleeman Gamlingay Panthers Email
IO Rachael Stocker Ampthill Aztecs Email
IO Carole Taylor Henlow Hotshots Email
IO Sue Davis
IO Lucy Tuttle
IO Sherma Joseph
IO Katie Smith
IO Tanisha Grahame
IO Kennedy Knight
IO Ella Hull
IO Sophie Browne
IO Rachel Fitzgerald
IO Steph Norman
IO Caroline McNally


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