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Umpire List

Bedford and District Netball League Umpire List 2018-2019

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Level of Award
Name Affiliated Club Landline Mobile Email
A Bern Palmer

A Jill Harrison St Neots Sapphires      
A Kate Sanders Kestrels      
B Julie Bassett-Gilham Westoning Gems

B Cathie Carter Cranfield Crusaders

B Nicky Cronin Ampthill Amazons

B Gerry Pereira Cannons

B Katie Johnson BCNC Choice Diamonds

B Jackie Stigwood Morestaff

B Pat Weir BCNC 1ST Choice      
B Naseem Khan Luton Tornadoes      
C Davina Angell Gamlingay Jets      
C Angela Beattie UHY Hacker Young

C Keely Blair Team Beds      
C Jadine Brome BCNC 1st Choice

C Vicky Buckland Caldecote Coyotes      
C Karen Burton Gamlingay Storm

C Mel Bygreaves Cranfield Gems      
C Joy Campion Cranfield Challengers      
C Laura Cooper Grangers Blaze      
C Phyllis Charles A-Line Flyers

C Helen Cuthbert Ampthill Amazons      
C Elly Coppenhall BCNC Everglades

C Anna Craddock Storm

C Samantha Crawley Angels

C Tim Fairweather Shefford NC

C Vanessa Girvan BCNC Choice Everglades

C Tracey Grahame Morestaff

C Jacquie Hardy Pandas

C Ali Harrison Oakley Diamonds      
C Maddy Harwood St Neots Diamonds

C Emily Hassard Aline Flyers      
C Ali Horan Westoning Diamonds

C Karen Jarman Majestics      
C Jeanette Johnson Riverwood Blackjacks

C Lorna Kelly BCNC Onyx

C Hannah Kemp Cranfield Cavaliers      
C Joy Langhorn UHY Hacker Young

C Hollie Lau Cranfield Crusaders

C Alison Lauder Christians In Sport - Spirit      
C Fay Legg Spirit      
C Emma Mellett A-Line Flyers

C Nicky Merritt Wilstead Gems

C Sheran Lobley Hillsons

C Marilyn Munns Mayfair Vixens      
C Beth Noble BCNC 1st Choice      
C Vicky Norman Ampthill Quip

C Janet O’Brien Kestrels

C Heather Pollard Kestrels

C Clair Prickett Red Arrows

C Georgia Richardson Rogues      
C Fran Smith BCNC Choice Everglades

C Claire Southam Grangers      
C Rachael Southam Grangers

C Mel Strachan Ampthill Aztecs

C Esther Thomas Blue Knights

C Rachael Treacher Flitton Flames

C Emily Wade Phoenix Accord      
C Fran Wade Eagles Accord

C Julie Wilkinson Phoenix Accord      
C Jan Woods Pandas

IO Kelsie Bruney Grangers

IO Tracey Barringer Maulden Pumas      
Laura Cooper Cranfield Eagles

IO Niamh Fairweather Shefford NC      
IO Louise Hartwell Mckendrick  Storm      
IO Andrea Hopkin Shefford NC      
IO Abbie Hull Shefford NC      
IO Mary Hull Shefford NC      
IO Lisa Ingham PPR Ladies Grangers

IO Catherine Johnson Westoning Sapphires      
IO Lauren Jolly Cranfield Ravens

Heather Kennedy Lidlington Oaks

IO Karen Knibbs Gamlingay NC      
IO Katherine Kouwenberg  Christians In Sport - Fire      
IO Katie Salmon BCNC Ravens      
IO Mel Lambert Absolute      
IO Kelly Swaine BCNC Crystals

IO Mandy Mistlin Colworth Cats      
IO Imogen Nurse BDNC Ravens      
IO Chloe Paton Colworth Cats      
IO Sophie Randall Team Beds

IO Amber Roote Meteors      
IO Rachael Stocker Ampthill Aztecs      
IO Patrice Terry Gamlingay Phoenix      
IO Jessica Trewby Wanderers      
IO Sarah Worthington Ampthill Quip      
Working Towards IO Lisa Bergin Bedford Foxes      
Working Towards IO  Cynthia Christian Boltz      
Working Towards IO Katie Martin/Roberts Wixam Wasps      
Working Towards IO Carole Weeks BCNC Jewels      

Newly Qualified Umpires This Season

A Award
B AwardC AwardInto Officiating Award (Beginner)


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