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Netball in Bedford is available for all. If you are new to the area, or want to play again after time off, or in fact are a beginner then there is something for you. If you would like the opportunity to play organised netball from school age until you choose to retire from the sport - then give us a call.

Are you are an umpire, coach or player or interested in becoming one of these? Then we have something for you!

Where can I play?..... You want to be a coach?.... You want to be an Umpire?... You want to be part of a team?..... You want to enter a team in the League?

For answers to any of these questions or for further information on the League please contact the League Secretary: Fay Legg, 1c Home Close, Kempston, Bedford MK43 9BL Tel: 01234 855190, email:

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   Venue The Bunyan Centre
   Bedford Academy has 8 outside floodlit
 courts dedicated to netball.
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